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  • Aug 2020
    The interior size can not be matched in a people mover. I love the sliding doors as I don't have to worry about kids hitting other cars when they open the doors. A pleasure to drive. Great durable interior with good quality seats.
    —Wendy L - 2007 Mazda MPV 23T Turbo
  • Jul 2020
    MPV had exceeded the whale family's expectations and we are now using it more than we thought we would.
    —MAXIM A - 2007 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Jul 2020
    Very pleased
    —David A - 2007 Mazda MPV " Trade in Special "
  • Jul 2020
    Very thirsty due to Turbo if you have a heavy foot. Not sure if mods on vehicle help with fuel efficiency
    —HATAPU S - 2007 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Jul 2020
    There are quite a few features that I am super excited about. The feature on my keys where I can start my car by a push of a button. This vehicle is amazing for kids and my family especially carting my baby. I really like the power of the turbo for a fast drive if needed. The comfort and space inside the vehicle, the sliding doors and most of all the button for the boot its so convenient. Overall I'm really impressed with all the amazing special features thag has come with this vehicle.
    —Faghrie B - 2007 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Jul 2020
    Best family car we have found yet!
    —Lisa O - 2007 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Jun 2020
    So far a super reliable purchase, with good fuel economy. The MPV is so spacious inside perfect for our growing family.
    —Anna D - 2007 Mazda MPV
  • Jun 2020
    If buying the turbo model, look at what the requirements are for maintenance.
    —Harold M - 2007 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Jun 2020
    Overall a great car
    —Karl D - 2007 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Jun 2020
    If like myself you weren’t keen on driving a large van but needed extra seats this is a good way to transition to that or for myself doesn’t feel like your driving a 7-8 seater.
    —Ana-Capree P - 2007 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Mar 2020
    So far so good
    —Kylie A - 2007 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Feb 2020
    Our last car was also a Mazda MPV. Great family cars.
    —Catherine B - 2007 Mazda MPV 2.3T 8 SEATER
  • Jan 2020
    Love the amount of space and very family friendly.
    —Sheryll N - 2007 Mazda MPV
  • Jan 2020
    The MPV is good value for money.
    —Sunlou L - 2007 Mazda MPV NEW SHAPE
  • Nov 2019
    Cosmetically, the car looks great and feels great to drive in. I'm not an expert in engine mechanics, but I'm very happy with the way the car drives.
    —Stefanus V - 2007 Mazda Mpv
  • Aug 2019
    Fantastic car just what I was looking for
    —Roger B - 2007 Mazda MPV 23S
  • Jun 2019
    Meets my needs.
    —Mona V - 2007 Mazda MPV NEW SHAPE
  • Apr 2019
    This car is solid on the road, even when packed full. It is smooth to drive. The size of the vehicle can be something to get used to if your not familiar to larger sized vehicles. I have five kids (three in car seats) two are teenagers and depending on the size and shape of the car seats you can have all three car seats in the back row. If you pack the car well, you will still have good leg room. Having siding doors on both sides are a great feature, you're guaranteed when children get out they wont be hitting the vehicle next to you. This feature can also be controlled from the drivers seat which is another plus as well as the air conditioning for the back and passengers side too.
    —Atahere W - 2007 Mazda MPV
  • Jan 2019
    It’s a very good people mover specially when you have a big family. It’s reliable and a good option when on a tight budget
    —Claudio U - 2007 Mazda MPV 23T
  • Nov 2018
    My wife and kids ar happy with there new car so yea
    —Rodiben H - 2007 Mazda MPV 2.3L New Shape,Sports, AA Certified
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