• 2011 Ford TERRITORY

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  • Feb 2019
    This just what I was looking for
    —School Support Limited, christchurch - 2011 Ford Territory TS AWD DIESEL
  • Feb 2019
    Going from the previous model to this one there are some significant changes, the steering is lighter and the suspension tighter, but the previous model was all wheel drive and this one is rear wheel drive only, probably not really noticeable but I drive my cars hard and you can tell that the rear wheels fight for traction where the AWD just powered round corners and never struggled for grip.
    —Metal Doctor Ltd, christchurch - 2011 Ford Territory Titanium
  • Jan 2019
    It's a very nice looking car and drives very well
    —Michael J, christchurch - 2011 Ford Territory TITANIUM AWD DIESEL
  • Dec 2018
    Drives well, good on fuel, great space - you wont regret having the extra space.
    —Lisa S, christchurch - 2011 Ford Territory TS TDCi 4WD
  • Sep 2018
    Great vehicle to drive. Efficient and easy to maneuver around town. Easily tows a furniture trailer and is great to reverse with trailer as well. Great space for family and DVD player a definate bonus.
    —Sian B, christchurch - 2011 Ford Territory TITANIUM AWD DIESEL
  • May 2018
    I wanted a Ford Territory as a family wagon. It has a very high safety rating and I'm finding the fuel economy to be acceptable considering my priorities were comfort, storage space and safety.
    —Wayne P, christchurch - 2011 Ford Territory Ghia SYII
  • Apr 2018
    Awesome vechicle very surprised how good the fuel economy is being diesel yet still looks like our falcon inside we love it
    —Shane M, christchurch - 2011 Ford Territory TS SZ