• 2012 Ford Falcon

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  • Jun 2020
    I was very impressed with my 2012 Ford Falcon it was in immaculate condition. The performance of this car was outstanding. I love Ford cars as did my Father /Brother. It was my dream to own a Ford Falcon, as My husband was always a Mercedes man.
    —VALERIE C - 2012 Ford Falcon FG2 XR6 SEDAN A
  • Jun 2020
    can chew gas if you're heavy footed but is relatively good on gas anyway.
    —Richard M - 2012 Ford Falcon XR6
  • May 2020
    Awesome car
    —Steven W - 2012 Ford Falcon FPV F6 FG
  • Feb 2020
    —Tony R - 2012 Ford Falcon FG2 G6E
  • May 2019
    Though fuel cost is important,to me reliability, safety and driving in comfort is a must. Long journeys less stressful for example
    —Robert K - 2012 Ford Falcon FG2 XR6 SEDAN A
  • Apr 2019
    Very satisfied and one very beautiful car everything was up to standard as showed in pitches. ..
    —Luke W - 2012 Ford Falcon FG FPV GT
  • Apr 2019
    great car to drive
    —Paul V - 2012 Ford Falcon XR6 FG2
  • Sep 2018
    collectors car .Great car for the model
    —Sandra L - 2012 Ford Falcon FPV F6 FG mkII 6speed manual
  • Apr 2018
    Very nice car to drive. Comfortable and quite with great power to the ground. Mid spec fuel consumption between the fg xt 6 non turbo and the xr8 boss very Happy
    —Cameron P - 2012 Ford Falcon G6E FG Turbo